Monday, March 10

the girls room (in real life)

Our girls room is my favorite in the house. I don't think I ever recorded when they got bunk beds. They were so excited and that made it fun for all of us.  We went to Ikea to purchase them and Jason put them together that same night.  For the first time ever, the girls couldn't wait to go to bed that night.  

I change their room up a bit every now and then when I get an itch. In the fall, I changed up the walls and colors a bit which I had too much fun with and couldn't stop staring at for several days. I wanted to broaden the horizon of colors in their room and not limit it to pink, pink, and pink. So I added every color of the rainbow and it makes me smile.

When I thought about recording their room the other day, I peeked in and noticed it was a mess. I thought about making them clean it up or even cleaning it up myself before I took pictures.  Then I realized that I want to remember what their room looks like in real life, this blog isn't a magazine, just a recording of our life and most of it is a mess, one big beautiful crazy mess. So here is our little 3 & 7 year old girls room as is. 

This is what I saw when I first peeked in the door on this day. When these girls play, they go all out.  Literally.

I used several things from Violet's birthday party like those fabric strawberries my Mom made because they are too cute to put away.  The crush bottle and the banners are from her party too.

I used the "make believe" and "choose happy" printables that I had pinned long ago. The embroidery hoops are filled with favorite scraps of mine because pretty fabric makes me happy.  Avery's picture from a couple years ago had to be included because it is the happiest rainbow I have ever seen.

My Mom had given Avery these little sewing cards awhile back and they are way too cute to sit in a box.  They were destined for the girl's room. Avery helped me sew them up and decided the order they should be hung.

This is Mia's little bottom bunk cave. She loves it but somehow ends up sleeping in our bed half the time.

About a year ago, we hung different scriptures by the kid's beds every so often to memorize and talk about. They were specific to the kid and these are Mia's. We do things a little differently now with one verse for the whole family but she will not take these down for anything. I have had to change the washi tape a few times. She always asks me what they say. I love it.

Grandpa made the girls a doll bunk bed to match theirs. The best thing is that Avery set it up right next to the dresser and copied one of Mia's verses, cut it out, and hung it up with washi tape next to each doll's bunk.  Awesome. She keeps asking me to make a mini banner for the top bunk of the doll bed so that is on my list.

Banners everywhere.

Avery & I were looking for a quick storage solution the day I changed up their room so she could store books and whatever else she wanted access to from the top.  This old changing pad of mine was folded up at the top of their closet. Perfect. I was so excited to have a use for it and Avery was so excited to have fun storage with Mommy's "other name" on it.  I just folded it over the top rail and safety pinned it together. Problem solved.

So this is our girls room right now...full, cozy, and happy.

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  1. oh their room is so cute and sweet! we are finishing our basement and long story short we needed a room to store all the toys that are down there now so we moved our big girls in together. they were over the moon excited. it was a huge reminder to not get to permanent with those rooms. they want to be together so let them. later they may need their own space so we can move them back those memories of being together a so cool.

    also i loved that you re-used party decor. i really started to do that more. it makes the party splurge not such a big deal :)


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