Thursday, March 13

avery was betsy ross

They have a second grade wax museum project and Avery chose Betsy Ross as her famous American.  She laughed as she told us about all her friends at school calling each other by their famous American names.  She was so excited about this project, her drawing of Betsy Ross, the beautiful dress that Grandma made her, curls in her hair, and wearing a bonnet to school.  

They each had to memorize and deliver their report to the parents and students.  It was adorable.  We got to meet Rosa Parks, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Amelia Earhart, Taylor Swift, Walt Disney, and Sacajawea that night too.

It was so fun and we were impressed with Avery's speech delivery.  She didn't forget a thing, spoke loud and clear, and smiled.  Such a fun night!

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  1. She is adorable Tiffany. Looks like such a fun night, and I'm sure you were so proud!! :)


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