Monday, November 5

violet meets great grandma

My Grandma Smith turned 91 at the end of October.  She is an amazing woman of faith that is crazy about every member of her family.  I am so incredibly thankful that she is still with us and was able to meet baby Violet.  

Violet had a diaper explosion so I had gone out to fetch a new sleeper from the van.  While I was out, somebody handed Violet to Grandma.  I came back in to see this beautiful sight.

Violet and Grandma met eyes and she got a smile right away.  I think it was love at first sight for both of them.  Violet was completely content in her arms.  Grandma is crazy about babies and had six of her own so has the touch.

I was frustrated that Violet made a mess all over her sleeper but as I looked at these pictures, I was so thankful for that mess.  I would not have stripped her down otherwise and I love the pure simplicity of these photos and how Violet got to feel Grandma's tender touch on her soft baby skin.  Violet is her 19th great grandchild but you would think it was her first by the pure joy and love seen on Grandma's face.

Almost every time I talk to Grandma, she says, "You are just like me, all you ever wanted to do was be a Momma."  I love it when she says that.

I will treasure these pictures for a long time to come.

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  1. This is hands down the sweetest photo shoot I have ever seen. Beyond precious. Their value is priceless...


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