Friday, June 12

his first t-ball game

It was finally time for Tyson to play t-ball.  We were all excited.  I had dreamt of him in a little baseball uniform since the day I found out he was a boy.  

He ended up on the Reds team which was awesome and a great excuse to purchase a new Reds shirt for the family members that did not have one.  We have lived in Cincinnati far too long to not own one and now we finally do thanks to t-ball.  He had a choice between #9 and #1 and he chose 9 because he wanted "to be the biggest number I can".

It was so fun watching him in action.  He is such a social guy and made friends with his teammates right away.

He is typically a happy-go-lucky guy but the happy went up a few notches that night.

He was happy to pose for me whenever he had a chance.

Love that face.

It was unseasonably cold the night of his first game so his fans were bundled up.

Mia grabbed a quick hug when she had a chance.

As he waited for his turn at bat, he would pretend the bat was a guitar.  His teammates liked the idea and quickly followed suit.

Violet was quite entertaining as well with her peek-a-booing.

My favorite was when Tyson would practice before the ball was even on the tee.  He would make sound effects and act as if he knocked it out of the park.  I just love him so much.

And each time he gets on base, he makes conversation with whoever is around.  He is so encouraging to all the other players which made us so proud!

Basically, watching him play t-ball is my very favorite thing right now.  He says he can't wait for the "real deal" when he gets to hit an actual pitch...

Wednesday, June 10

mother's day is my favorite day of the year

Ever since I became a Mommy, we have kept Mother's Day simple and stayed home.  But this year, I felt a tug on my heart to go visit the ones that I call Mama & Grandma.  I was so glad we did.  Since my Mom was having so many people over for lunch that day, I didn't think we could keep that fact that the six of us were also coming a surprise.  She knew we were coming for lunch but I thought it would be fun to get up early and meet her at church for a surprise.  However, there was a bit of miscommunication and we arrived at the wrong service along with one of my sisters, two nieces, and nephew.  Oops.  Oh, well, my sister and I enjoyed some laughs about it and headed to Mom's right after church.  

She fixed a delicious lunch for everyone and it was so great to be with them on that special day.  

My 93 year old Grandma is so special to my heart and I loved being able to hug her neck and wish her a Happy Mother's Day in person.

We left Columbus and headed back to meet the other side of our wonderful family at Cracker Barrel.  Good times.  It was our 2nd annual Mother's Day dinner there and we had such a great time.

Mother's Day is my favorite.  I am always extra emotional on that day because of the extreme gratitude overflowing from my heart for my amazing husband and these four precious treasures the Lord blessed us with.  I am in awe of them constantly and so thankful to call them mine.  As if all the love in my life wasn't enough, Jason spoiled me like crazy including a beautiful love letter that made me cry like a baby.

Each night when tucking these little babies into bed, I say right in their ear "I love being your Mommy".  I mean it and my prayer is that they know it and can feel it.  There is nothing better than being the chosen one to mother these four precious gifts.

Tuesday, June 9

the last week of school

The last week of school around here was quite eventful and a whole lot of exhausting fun.  Tyson's school has a fun run where the students run laps around the track to raise money for the school to purchase new playground equipment or other various needs.  The parents were invited to come and cheer their kids on so that is exactly what the little girls and I did.  Tyson thought this was awesome.  

We prepared the end of year teacher gifts and I just loved how Tyson's little note to Mrs. Pennix turned out.  Bless the precious souls that put free printables on Pinterest.

My favorite was the decorated envelope.  He is a very big fan of Mrs. Pennix.

His teacher made a special day during the last week of school for the celebration of summer birthdays.  They are allowed to bring a non-edible treat so this is what we came up with...more free printables from Pinterest personalized and tied to a balloon.

He came home looking so cute wearing his birthday crown.

On the last day of school, Jason came home early and since the kids did not want to be picked up that day, we all met them at the bus stop together.

Tyson had the world's sweetest and most caring bus driver.  I just loved that man and so did Tyson.  He sat right behind him and they often had conversations that Tyson would share with us.  He would not let him off the bus until he spotted me.  He was always looking out for our boy and that made me so happy.

I make them sit on the front porch every year for a last day of school photo which I typically end up loving.  This one is a classic.  Mia & Violet were thrilled.

And the traditional celebratory jump photos that always make me smile.

We were sad to end this amazing school year because of the wonderful teachers we were blessed to have.  But the sadness didn't last long because summer is my FAVORITE and nothing makes me happier than having all my babies at home.  Woohoo!

Monday, June 8

the last day of 3rd grade

In preparation for the end of the school year, I am always trying to figure out the perfect gift to let teachers know how appreciated and loved they are.  Avery took matters into her own hands this year and told me she was making cards and wanted to give chocolate along with them.  She is a genius.  She took her time on these heartfelt notes writing very personal messages completely on her own with absolutely no input from me.  Even if I had offered tips, she would not have dreamed of taking them.  

I was so incredibly proud of her just for being so thoughtful in her ideas for these beloved teachers but when I actually read the finished products, my heart wanted to explode with pride.  We are constantly working/talking/training Avery about caring for people and putting others first.  It feels like one of those lessons that you speak and model over and over feeling like you will never get the message through to your children.  This was one of those little reminders from God to not give up because more gets through to them than you realize and it shows up in the most beautiful ways.  

She even wrote a note for her principal and her specials teachers.  She requested we buy flowers for her principal because she is so great.  I made sure we were all up and ready earlier than usual so we could make a stop at Kroger on the way to school for some fresh flowers.  She picked out the ones she liked and we headed to school for the delivery of all the awesomeness.  I wish I had snapped a picture of her handing the flowers to her principal.  Her principal was surprised and incredibly sweet giving her an immediate hug and exclaiming her gratitude in a way that made Avery smile from ear to ear.  I was fighting back the tears.

It was an amazing year for Avery, an amazing year for all of us, and even though I could not wait for summer to get here, we were sad to say goodbye to such wonderful teachers.  She was very emotional the whole last week of school even had trouble sleeping because of it...

but the fact that the last day involved pajamas and her favorite stuffed animal helped a little.

Tuesday, April 21

the perfect park day

One beautiful spring day recently we had planned to visit the zoo in the afternoon after Violet's nap.  Well we left late and would only about 30 minutes once we arrived at the zoo.  So Jason took a detour and headed to this great park we had only been to a couple times last year.  We had an incredible time together.  

The sky was so blue and the clouds were white and puffy.  I just snapped pictures with Jason's camera like crazy trying to capture the beauty of the day.

Isn't it the best when your original plans don't work out, but the alternative is so much better than you could have imagined.  That's my favorite.