Tuesday, April 21

the perfect park day

One beautiful spring day recently we had planned to visit the zoo in the afternoon after Violet's nap.  Well we left late and would only about 30 minutes once we arrived at the zoo.  So Jason took a detour and headed to this great park we had only been to a couple times last year.  We had an incredible time together.  

The sky was so blue and the clouds were white and puffy.  I just snapped pictures with Jason's camera like crazy trying to capture the beauty of the day.

Isn't it the best when your original plans don't work out, but the alternative is so much better than you could have imagined.  That's my favorite.

Monday, April 20

our easter sunday

Freedom from our sins, a living Savior, and the promise of eternal life...now that is worth celebrating!  Easter is powerful and so incredibly fun.  

The baskets were waiting on the table when the kids got up and they were so excited to check them out.  This year, they each got reese's pieces, eggs, jelly belly's, and a book.  Avery got her first "real" grown-up Bible and she thought that was so cool.

Because my husband and kids know me and love me so well, they know the drill for pictures.  Jason drives straight to my favorite photo spot right after church on Easter, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. Violet usually needs some assistance in actually getting in the photo.  She prefers to do her own thing even with a bribe of marshmallows.

When they just hug or something on their own during photo shoots, it makes me so happy.

It was such a beautiful Easter Sunday which meant it was bright and sunny.  We were not at prime time for pictures so that makes for a lot of squinty eyes and wiggly kids.  I still love what came out of this photo shoot though.

Tyson's poses are the best.  He finds a way to "boy" up everything and I love it!  He is so much fun.

As lunch was in the oven, we changed into play clothes and headed out back for the egg hunt.

They were so excited and I couldn't wait to see what Violet was going to do.

She just did whatever she saw them do.  She needed a lot of hints to actually find the eggs but she had a blast.

She carried that basket around with her everywhere in the backyard that day.

Somebody always ends up pouting about something.

There were 3 eggs left that nobody could find so Jason huddled them up and gave them clues.

And the hunt continued...

After lunch and Violet's nap, it was time to color eggs.  This is always crazy and messy but we still love to do it.  We used kook-aid again this year which is fun.

Watching Violet was awesome.  She would not-so-gently toss the egg into the color she desired...

and was really proud of herself.

And then since Jason and I didn't get into the photo shoot after church, I had him take a few impromptu shots of me and the crazies that afternoon as we played outside.

We are so blessed and thankful for this life we get to live that we don't even deserve.  God is so good.