Wednesday, September 2

mia turned 5

Our little Mimi turned 5 but it sure seemed more like 15.  She changed overnight.  She seriously turned into a little lady just days before her birthday.  I noticed right away that her mannerisms, way of talking, interactions with siblings, etc. all seemed a bit more mature than they had.  All of a sudden, our Mia is an official big kid.  Thank goodness we are waiting a year for kindergarten because I need some more time with this girl. 

She got to open her birthday dress the night before so she could wear it to church.  I found it at Once Upon a Child several months ago.  It was gold and sparkly and completely perfect for her.  I almost forgot about it but somehow stumbled onto it in our closet about a week before her birthday.  

There were streamers covering her doorway as usual, Mia mantel decor, white powdered donuts, and a few girly gifts waiting for her. 

They were all pumped about the donut breakfast.

We bought her a special book that I had my eye on for a long time called "I Had A Favorite Dress".  It is a precious book about a little girl who has a favorite dress that she does not want to part with as she grows.  Her Mommy sews it into different things along the way so that she can keep wearing her favorite dress.  It could not be more perfect for our Mia.

She had requested a panda mommy and baby.  She loves her pandas.

Sister secrets are awesome.

And for her birthday dinner she requested "Mommy's pizza" which is hilarious because it is store bought crust with only sauce and cheese typically.  Since it was her birthday, I added sausage to make it a little more exciting.

We bought a simple little cake at Kroger and I covered the top in rainbow sprinkles which Mia loved.

She even got to pick out ice cream to have with her cake.  Jason tried to pretend like it was all for him.  They love when he does those goofy things.

For the little lady's birthday date with us, she asked to go to Donato's and Dunkin' Donuts.  She wore her fancy birthday dress and her little birthday badge.  She was so excited.  We were too.

We had some pizza leftover at the end so she was excited to go ask for a box all by herself.

Apparently, the best way to enjoy that first bite of a pink iced donut with sprinkles is to close your eyes.

She ate her donut outside while we stared at her beautiful self and listened to her tell us stories.  When she was done and cleaned up, we had fun with the bright orange wall and had a mini photo shoot.

We had such a great time with our girl and were sad to see it come to an end.  She kept finding pennies in the bushes outside so that completed her night.  She found 5 and we thought that was pretty neat and decided somebody had left them for her to find on her fifth birthday.  But then she found 2 more and ended up with 7.

At the end of the day, she gave her fifth birthday two thumbs up!

Friday, August 28

tyson turned 7

Tyson woke up on his birthday to balloons, a banner, and cinnamon rolls in the oven.  Since it was a week day, he had to wait until Daddy got home from work that evening to open his gifts and really party but we had such a fun day while we waited.  

It was a gorgeous day so we went to a fun park and had a picnic lunch.  I really did not want it to end.  My favorite part was when we laid down on the blanket after lunch and found pictures in the clouds. I wish that could have lasted forever.

His birthday meal request was Daddy's fried chicken tenders and onion rings.  Not healthy by any stretch but definitely delicious.

He got to open Avery's present first.  She used her own money to buy him some Pokemon cards (I really don't understand the appeal) and she made him a "boy bracelet" with her beads.

He was thrilled.

Always Legos for my boy.  They are his favorite by far.

He doesn't do cake but he sure does donuts.  He loves them and requested them for his birthday dessert this year and last.

For his birthday date with Mommy & Daddy, he chose putt-putt again but it turned out to be an incredibly hot and muggy day and none of us were up for it so he changed his mind and wanted to just hang out with us.  He is awesome like that.  We took him out to dinner at Chili's and just took our time soaking up every minute.   We also took him to REI so he and Daddy could drool over all the backpacking equipment. We deeply treasure those one-on-one times.  It was a simple and so very sweet date with our boy.

I loved every minute of celebrating seven years with our boy.  He is a gift. He never fails to melt my heart.  Love him.  Love him.  Love him.

Tuesday, August 18

summer is my favorite.

I am mourning the loss of summertime.  It is such a precious time of no schedules, sleeping in, swimming, vacation, and just so much goodness.  

There was t-ball at the beginning that we all enjoyed.  Tyson was so happy playing and we were happy watching him play.

When the warm weather first began, the little girls were especially pumped and decided one day to go on a "hike" in the backyard.  They put on their little backpacks and Violet followed Mia into the bushes.  It was the cutest.

We have had a few sweet visits from Grandma Hinten.  She makes us yummy food and is a big help around this crazy place.

She even planted all of our flowers for us this year!  She is awesome.

Of course the plastic pool was out and provided hours of entertainment.  Avery is totally over it but the little ones still love it.

Popsicles.  We always have popsicles in the freezer during summer.

We went to the Kings Island water park quite often and the kids just love it.  Tyson and Avery got to ride grown-up slides this year so they were super excited.

We had a visit from cousin Shane and Aunt Stephanie which was awesome.  Tyson thinks Shane is the best and loves trying to wrestle him.

This girl.  She is so much fun.  She looks innocent here but what she does when she thinks I'm not looking is put her mouth right on the hose and take drinks.  She just likes to build her immune system.  Oh well.

We visited the zoo a few time and one time we met our sweet friend Emilee and had a great time.

We celebrated Denver's birthday.  Denver is a stuffed African Wild Dog that is Avery's favorite.  We had cupcakes with blue icing and as you can see, Denver was quite happy with his celebration.

We went downtown a few times to explore new areas and a new park.  Our downtown has seriously improved recently and is a ton of fun.

We visited the Root Beer Stand and didn't even drink root beer but the kids love the food and we get to sit outside.  There is even a playground that they jump on immediately after finishing their dinner.

There was the "stick trading" that the kids got involved in at the beginning of the summer.  They came up with this clever game that they all became obsessed with for days all because this mean momma of theirs made them go play outside!  They would find things around the yard, toys and stuff and trade them for sticks.  It was so fun to watch.

These two little rascals are really cute together.

Of course, Tyson and Daddy had to have a sword fight with all the traded sticks.

I taught the kids how to really clean around the house and got them in on the action more often!  Tyson and Avery learned how to thoroughly clean the bathrooms.  Violet was there to lend her support with a back rub and a few words of encouragement.

We made a trip to Columbus too where we stayed a different place each night for three nights.  It was quite an adventure and we loved being with family.

While we were there we visited that sweet new baby that we love.  Violet got to hold him and she was pretty happy about that.

Violet had her time with Moose.  She is still a bit scared of him but learning that he is sweet and starting to love him.

They got smores at Aunt Steph & Uncle Dave's fire pit.  That was definitely a hit.

We visited the major Lego exhibit at a local mall with some sweet friends.

And we got to eat McDonald's with them after all the Legos.

There were also water balloons of course.

And painting outside...because that is really the only way to do it.

And plenty of time for cuddling.

It all goes by entirely too fast.