Friday, August 29

five for friday

1. Mia loves to change Violet's diapers which is just awesome.  She switches into serious big girl mode and wants to do every bit of it herself with no help from Mommy.  And surprisingly, Violet cooperates for her.

2. Avery was going down the stairs the other day and noticed that the blanket was left on the floor and she thought it looked like a horse.  She asked me to take a picture of her riding the blanket horse.

3. This is what ornery looks like.

4. I love it when Violet hugs people's legs.  She actually does it quite a bit.  I guess it is kind of her thing.  It's awesome to be the recipient of one.

5. Mia is constantly performing.  She sings and dances all the time.  My favorite is when she sings as a commentary to what we are doing.  It's kind of a talk/sing that lets the world know what she is up to at the moment.  Love our Mimi.


Tuesday, August 26

dear mia...

Dear Mia Grace,

You turned four a month ago even though I asked you not to.  You keep getting more awesome though so I am going to let this one slide.  You never remember your new age and are constantly asking me how old you are.  You have cried several different days about turning four.  You loved all the birthday celebrating but when it was over, you wanted to be three again.  I can feel your pain.

Right now, you have moments when you act much older than you really are and other moments when you revert back to being a baby and just want to be held by Mommy.  You take care of Violet one minute and the next minute, you are fighting her for a spot on Mommy's lap.  You are such a happy girl unless you are tired and then everyone is scared of you.  You still fall asleep almost anytime we are in the car after noon and then you won't fall asleep until at least 9:30 at night.

You have been called "precocious" and it definitely fits.  You make your rounds at the swimming pool befriending all the mothers.  You are not afraid to talk to anyone and are usually full of compliments for others. You make people smile a lot.

You end up in Mommy & Daddy's bed most nights.  You say our bed is more comfortable and you sleep better in it.  I am so tired when you show up at my side of the bed and we don't even say a word.  We have a routine. I toss you into the middle of the bed, give you a kiss, and roll over to go back to sleep.  Daddy takes you back to your own bed occasionally when your teeth grinding keeps us awake but we know this won't last forever so mostly we just enjoy having our little package in bed with us.

You love to twirl, sing, dance, and tell stories.  You did surprise me by informing me the day before I was going to sign you up for ballet class that you want to do gymnastics instead.  You are always full of surprises.  So we decided to wait a year and give you a little time to make up your mind.

You only want to wear dresses or underwear.  You wear only underwear to bed every night and won't use covers.

 We were visiting Grandma last weekend and you love it there because Aunt Debbie and Great Grandma also live there.  We got home from church and then Aunt Debbie left to attend the second service.  You went to Great Grandma's side right away and didn't leave it. You took her hand and told her you would help her go potty.  You stayed by her talking and playing and when Aunt Debbie got back home, you said, "I took care of Grandma while you were gone."  You are the sweetest little thing and such a blessing.  

We started preschool at home last week and it's been interesting so far.  You love it but you have your own ideas for how it should be done.  I love that we have precious time, just the two of us while the big kids are at school and Violet takes her nap.  I am so thankful you are a summer baby because I have a good excuse for keeping you at home with me another year.

Thank you, Mia Grace for being an amazing daughter and helping me to be a better Mommy.  You like to say, "I love you more than you love me" and then run away giggling because you know I am going to come tickle you for saying something so crazy.  That will just never be true,  you will understand one day when you become a Momma.

Happy 4th Birthday, Mia Grace.

I love you WAY more than you love me.


Monday, August 25

judd kid quotes

I can't believe that my baby is big enough to be a part of these quote posts but seeing as she has been speaking in sentences since 18 months, the time has come.  Most of her quotes aren't funny unless you hear her little voice saying them but I just have to record them.

Violet - "I sorry Mommy.  I don't mean to."

Violet - "What is that thing?"

Violet - "In case Violet needs it."

Violet - "I really hungry. I want some that."

Violet - "Come sit next to me."

Violet - "I hold it so it don't fall."

Me - "Circle the one that has less."
Mia - "You mean the one that has not the mostest?"

Mia - (to PaPa) "Did you have a little beard when you was two?"

Mia - "I'm still my size."

Mia - "I'm so happy we got that time time together." (after a trip to the grocery just the two of us)

Tyson - "That's the worst thing ever." (after being told there were no cell phones when Mommy & Daddy were kids)

Tyson - (to Avery) "That outfit is rockin'."

Friday, August 22

five for friday

1. We had some visitors one day during our last week of summer break.  My old high school and college friend, Stephanie (& fellow Amy Grant fan) came for the day with her three kids.  They made a mess in every room of the house, played in the pool, played baseball, soccer, Barbies, Wii, and got to eat lunch together.  It was such a fun day.

2. I tried to pack in a few of the ideas from Pinterest that I had on our to do list for summer.  This next picture is bad quality but I love it.  My babies all together, just the way I like it helping make a fun new snack and eating up the marshmallows along the way.

We made these jello and marshmallow roll-ups.  They looked cool and everyone liked them especially Violet.

3. Violet thinks she is so big and I don't like it but there is nothing that can be done about it.  She loves to sit on the barstools because the big kids do.  I remember when I used to suggest they move to those if they were playing Legos or drawing so that she couldn't get to them.  Now they can't escape her no matter where they go.

4. We made the "Magic Squirt Paint" I found on Pinterest too.  It was fun but didn't last long enough. I should made a lot more.  They really loved it especially squirting the vinegar on it at the end to watch it fizz.

5. I began preschool with Mia this week.  The first day was amazing.  Everything went so smooth and she was completely into it.  The days since then have been interesting.  She likes to do things her way and her way only.  I have to get really creative with this one.


Thursday, August 21

dear tyson...

Dear Tyson,

You just turned 6 and I didn't think it was possible but you are even more awesome than you were at age 5.

You still have that precious tender heart that cares and loves so deeply.  You keep trying to tell me that you love me more than I love you but we both know the truth...that is crazy talk.

You still claim Avery as your favorite sister in whispers every so often to make sure that your other sisters don't hear.  I am so thankful that you and Avery have such a great relationship but I also look forward to the day that you realize how neat Mia is and decide to be her buddy too.  You take such good care of Violet and remind her often of how cute she is.

You are quite the little bike rider and love to ride alongside Daddy as he runs on the bike trail.  You went 7 miles with him one day and thought that was so awesome.  You are a tough little guy unless you are tired and then everything hurts.

Your favorite toys are Legos by far but you also love to hit baseballs with Daddy in the backyard, run, and ride your bike.  You love the idea of ninjas and pretend to be one often by dressing all in one color and sneaking around the house so that nobody spots you.  When my camera is out, you love to throw a ninja pose at me and want your picture taken.

You approached Kindergarten like a superhero.  You acted like you were going to cry for about 30 seconds when I said it was time for Mommy & Daddy to leave but I talked you out of it pretty quick and you were back in business.  Me, Mia, & Violet take you to school everyday and love to see your enthusiasm upon entering the classroom.  You walk in like you own the place and do your thing.  You really wanted to ride the bus so we let you take that 12 minute bus ride home and you think it is the best thing ever.  You run off the bus each day yelling "Mommy" and jump into my arms.  It's pretty much my favorite part of the day.  And when I ask you how your day was you almost always say, "AWESOME!"  I love it. I love you.

You are beginning to slowly expand your food interests but a milk & egg allergy doesn't help much. You did eat red potatoes and green beans last night and actually said it was "pretty good".  You no longer throw a fit or gag when we force you to eat your veggies, you just do it and move on.  You have grown up so much in the last year.

You love to swim and were so excited to finally get that yellow bracelet at the Y pool so you can do your own thing and not have to stay within arms reach of us.  Also, you can take the swim test now that you are 6 and you wanted to try right away.  You did so great and we were on the side cheering you on.  You worked so hard to get all the way across that pool.  Then when you stepped out, the lifeguard explained that your arms weren't out of the water enough.  They are very strict about it and your technique just wasn't quite what they were looking for.  Watching your smile fade and your shoulders slump as they said you didn't pass was enough to make me cry.  You were devastated and cried a lot.  We talked to you about the reasons they are so strict and how it is for your safety and that we know you can do it after some more practice.  The best thing about the whole experience was watching your determination.  You practice keeping those arms up like crazy every chance you get. You have tried two more times since and have not yet passed.  It kills me each time to watch you come up out of the water with a big ol' smile and then watch them crush you with the news that you didn't pass.  You are so close buddy and I hope that the life lessons from this experience will stick with you forever.  Never give up when things aren't easy or don't go the way you plan.  Keep practicing and working hard and it will eventually pay off.  Can't wait for the day you pass that swim test little man.  We will be celebrating.

You claim big cousin Shane as your best friend and constantly ask me when you can have a playdate with him.  Wish you could play with him more often.  You love to tell me the number of friends you made at school and it continues to grow.  Yesterday it was 8 new friends made so far.  You love making new friends and that makes me happy.  You asked me before school started what you would do if somebody didn't want to be your friend.  I laughed.  How could anyone not want to be your friend?  If they don't, they must be a little crazy and one would assume they would come to their senses at some point.

You love the big chapter books that Daddy reads to you and Avery at night and can recall almost every detail of the stories.  It's pretty cool.

You use entirely too much toothpaste on your toothbrush and think it's funny.  Daddy cuts your hair and you don't like it at all but you get excited to show me afterwards because you know I always love a fresh cut on my boy.  You think your scars are cool because Daddy told you so.

I just can't imagine a life without you in it.  You are my favorite son and the most awesome little boy I have ever known.  I love being your Mommy.

Happy 6th Birthday Tyson Carter.


Wednesday, August 20

a birthday date with our boy

Tyson requested Chinese food and putt-putt for his birthday date and we thought that sounded perfect.  We surprised him by first stopping by Target to get his backpack and school supplies.  He was pretty excited about that.

He had spotted the R2D2 backpack online when I was looking at Target's website one day and he said that was the one and he never looked back.  He tried on a couple but kept going back to this one.

Totally unbelievable for me to watch my little guy walk around wearing a big backpack.  What in the world happened to the last six years?  It just doesn't seem fair how fast life goes.

He thinks he is a ninja so these become more than just chopsticks.  Such a tough guy.

He says Chinese is his favorite food.  The place we go is super close to our house and the lady that works there loves him too.  We can't understand a word she says but she frequently touches his face and gives him crazy Chinese drinks just because.  She is so sweet but it is a little crazy.

Most of the time, he takes his golf game pretty serious.  His tongue even pokes out for some of the harder putts.

Daddy destroyed us at putt-putt but we all had so much fun!

Can't believe I get to be his Mommy.

I could not be more thankful to have this boy in my life.  

Tuesday, August 19

mia turns 4

Mia's birthday was on a Saturday this year which meant the party could be on that day and she could open all presents in the morning instead of waiting until Daddy got home from work.  Woohoo.  

She was so excited and cute!  She was so expressive as she opened her presents.  She made lots of noise between the oooo's and squeals.  She exclaimed, "It's so beautiful" about her new jewelry.  It was seriously awesome.

She got a birthday dress, bracelet and necklace set, and a new Barbie from us.  She likes to hug her presents just like Tyson does.

She waited so patiently and excitedly for big sister to open up her Barbie.

And we had a photo shoot later that week in her new dress.  The girl's get a birthday dress every year and I just could not find the perfect one for her this time around.  I searched everywhere and finally ended up at Once Upon a Child with a dress I got for $2.25 because it was only $4.50 to begin with and they gave it to me 1/2 off due to a teeny tiny stain.  Score.  She loves it.

it was the perfect dress for our little twirly girl.

Jason and I got to take her on a birthday date the following weekend.  She wanted pizza and ice cream.  She had been asking us to take her to the local ice cream place so we ate pizza at Donato's first, went to the park to swing for a bit, 

and then headed to Whipty-Do where Jason and I watched her eat a rainbow sprinkled vanilla cone.  She was practically falling asleep as she ate her ice cream but still asked to go to the park again.  She  is always entertaining so Jason and I love to watch and listen to her as she tells crazy stories and asks a million questions.  She also happens to be the world's slowest eater so Jason and I end up eating half her ice cream, you know just to help out so it doesn't get all over her clothes.

Happy fourth birthday to our sweet little Mimi.