Tuesday, October 21

a backyard campout

We had a backyard campout on a Friday night a few weeks ago.  It was going to be beautiful and we just decided to go for it.  We took the kids camping last fall for one night and it was okay.  A few sweet moments but mostly crazy so we weren't sure what to expect this time around.  We figured they need a chance to get used to the whole camping thing and the backyard would be much easier than going somewhere.  Especially because we could put Violet to sleep in her crib and then I could join her in the house when the others were going to sleep.  

I didn't get any spectacular photos from our experience but I love them anyway.  They capture the event perfectly and serve their purpose of preserving memories from our first backyard campout.  

Our kids are quite possibly the most excitable kids in the universe.  I am not sure how else to put it except that they were complete maniacs.  It was so fun surprising them with our plans when Jason got home from work.  Their reactions were priceless.  We grilled hot dogs for dinner in the backyard and played like crazy until it was time to put Violet to bed.  After that, the real fun was supposed to begin (sorry Violet) but it was hard to even talk to the little maniacs kids because they were all over the place and bouncing from one place to another as if an iv full of straight sugar was running through them.  

We filled a cooler with fun snacks like kettle corn, grapes, oranges, and energy bites.  They thought this was awesome and wanted to eat it all at once.

We planned a flashlight scavenger hunt that they loved.

We retired to the tent as it got late and began a game of Sorry but we cut it short because it seemed to be never ending.

After the kids and Jason were all tucked into their sleeping bags and blankets, I headed inside to a warm cozy bed because somebody needed to be close to Violet of course.

I was joined by Mia and Avery at different points of the night.  Mia randomly woke up crying so Jason brought her to bed with me and Avery got scared at some point and crawled into bed with me.

Tyson hung in there with Daddy and made it all night in his sleeping bag.

In the morning, Violet joined us once again and we enjoyed some Krispy Kremes in the tent.

This last picture pretty much sums up the experience.

Will we do it again?  Yes, of course.  Because that is what you do with your kids...keep trying stuff and hoping for the best.  You just never know what you're going to get. But there is always a moment or two that are worth all the effort and energy you put forth to make it happen.

Also we are crazy.

Monday, October 20

a weekend away

 We were long overdue for a trip to Indiana to visit Grandma & PaPa and we all needed a weekend away so we took off for Scottsburg and had a wonderful visit as always.  The weather was perfect and the kids were happy.

We started off with a picnic dinner ready for us when we arrived.

We did a lot of hanging out on the patio and backyard.  Our little author brought her notebook so she could write while we were there.

There were plenty of races run around the cul-de-sac.  They love racing each other.

PaPa got in on the races too.  I loved watching 3 generations of Judds run together.

Plenty of cuddles to be had when Grandma is around.

Violet woke up much too early one morning so I brought her to bed with us and we both ended up falling back asleep together.  I was shocked that she went back to sleep and I was loving every minute of the cuddles and then waking up to this was incredibly precious.

Recliners are so much fun for kids.  They love sitting on these chairs together.

Jason and I even got a long date on Saturday.  That was the icing on the weekend cake!  

I love taking pictures in their living room.  There are so many windows and the lighting just begs me to take advantage.

We like to stretch our weekends out as much as possible so we made a stop at a random park on the way home.  It was a fun little adventure with a beautiful view.

And then it was finally time to head back home.  Thank goodness for sweet little thumb sucking travelers.

Monday, October 6


On the Saturday after Violet's birthday, Grandma & PaPa came over to celebrate along with Uncle Matt and cousins.  Violet got to wear her purple birthday crown and she was serious about making sure it stayed on.  

Oh, making that number two gets her every time.  She tries so hard and is so proud of herself when she succeeds.

We just ate pizza out back and enjoyed the leftover purple cupcakes.

The cousins created their own seesaw.  A bit on the dangerous side but so much fun!

Violet thought she was so big opening more presents and was so excited to get her very own little pony.

Oh, that headband just would not cooperate.

She just kept pointing to it and saying, "My pony, my pony" and "It's purple pony".  It was cute.

She was thrilled to get another cupcake and loved being sung to.

She has not mastered the candle blowing yet but she definitely gave it her best effort.

I hope Violet doesn't mind that she will be called "baby" for the rest of her life.  I just can't help myself.  

Friday, September 26

five for friday

1. I can't remember if I have already posted this picture and I didn't want to take the time to figure that out so I am posting it again.  It's a classic and definitely worthy of two appearances on the blog.  There is no need for the story behind it because it is pretty simple...Mia and Violet are awesome.

2. I just love it when Violet lets Avery pretend she is a tiny baby.  She takes the role seriously.

3. Lids of pots make great shields when play fighting your siblings.

4. More pretending to be a tiny baby in the doll stroller.  Love it.

5. Our kitchen has been in disarray since May.  We are so excited about the finished product and ready to move on with our lives.  We are so very close.

I love that the kids don't care at all what is going on in the kitchen and constantly pull chairs up to the island so they can all be together when Avery is doing homework.